Below you will find the winners of the Quality Innovation of the Year through 2007-2013.



  1. Public sector and nonprofit organizations, Suomen metsäkeskus - The Finnish Forest Centre, Metsää
    Makes information on proprietary forests readily available on a service online.
  2. Microenterprises, Stick Tech Ltd, everX Posterior.
    Reinforcing fibre material for dental repair.
  3. SME’s, Lymed Oy, Lymed 3D Sense.
    The treatment of a sensory integration disorder in athletes and animals with the aid of medico-technical support garments.
  4. Large companies, Ponsse Plc, The Scorpion Harvester.
    A harvester with a novel structure to improve the driver's ergonomy and the machine's working efficiency.
  5. Large companies, Metsä Fibre Oy, Botnia NordicPlus.
    An innovative softwood pulp made using a polysulphide cooking process creates added value for clients.


  1. Large companies, Volvo Car Customer Service (VCCS), Volvo Car Customer Service Lean Knowledge Intensive & Staff Innovative Team Production System.
    Volvo Car Customer Service Lean Knowledge Intensive Staff Innovative Team Production System
  2. Public sector and nonprofit organizations, Barn och ungdomspsykiatrin i Uppsala, Intensive Contextual Treatment of self harming behavior.
    Barn och ungdomspsykiatrin (BUP) i Uppsala, ICT– Intensive Contextual Treatment of self harming behavior.
  3. Microenterprises, SSK i Uppsala AB, Hoppet.
    Cognitive and behavior training in real life, an evaluated treatment method  for youths with social problems.
  4. SME’s, Förskoleteamet Helianthus, Preschools on wheels.
    Preschool on wheels is a kindergarten bus with its own kitchen, toilet, same features found in a preschool.
  5. Potential Innovations, Volvo Trucks Co, Volvo Dynamic Steering.
    The Volvo Dynamic steering is a patented electronic-hydraulic truck steering system, making it possible for the driver to steer a truck more safely and without physical efforts.


  1. SME’s, Unicomp Informatikai Kft., GRAINPATROL grain probe.
    GrainPatrol provides a solution to follow the conditions of the stored grain after harvesting
  2. Microenterprises, G&G and Companions Ltd., Inspection of the elements of the prefabricated, constructional metal scaffolding system.
    Inspection of the elements of the prefabricated, constructional metal scaffolding system.


  1. SME’s, Europ Assistance s.r.o., WebInvoicing system for the Europ Assistance supplier chain in the sphere of assistance services.
    WebInvoicing essentially changed the way the electronic invoicing is communicated from suppliers towards Europ Assistance.


  1. Potential Innovations, GreenBead OÜ, Reusable laundry agent.
    GreenBead is developing the technological concept for the first reusable biological laundry agent in the world.
  2. SME’s, Icosagen OÜ, Golden Egg Technology.
    Icosagen has developed innovative methodology “Golden Egg Technology” for generation of polyclonal antibodies using domestic chicken as test-animal.


  1. Microenterprises, Z2B Ltd., Lude - design with good karma.
    In ageing society and taking into account regime change impact on pension system in Latvia, social enterprise Lude has decided to employ only senior citizens as its staff.
  2. Microenterprises, Trakais Rotors Ltd., Crazy Roller MTN and H2O.
    Innovative attraction device improved model to reduce the impact on the environment and increase users safety.
  3. Public sector and nonprofit organizations, State Limited Liability Company “Latvijas Vēstnesis”, – Latvian Legislation Portal
    Modern, user-friendly site based on simple and clear structure of the information that is providing also advanced functionality addressing needs and requirements of professional users


  1. City of Espoo, Espoo cityplanningcentre, Energy Information Service.
    A web service in which users such as a resident of Espoo, a building superintendent, a renewable energy device supplier, a property owner or a property investor may compare the costs and production possibilities between different energy forms.


  1. Microenterprises, Stick Tech Ltd, everX Posterior. 
    Reinforcing fibre material for dental repair.



  • Winner Swedish large companies
    Volvo Construction Equipment - New business model enabling the transfer of new environmental technology to third-party manufactured products
  • Winner Swedish small and medium-sized companies
    Natur&Kultur - The Isle of Qnodds – comprehensive teaching material designed for iPads and developed for the Swedish curriculum
  • Winner Swedish public sector
    Municipality of Upplands Väsby,
Väsby Labs – innovation in social and urban planning
  • Winner Swedish potential innovations
    Appva AB  - Medication and care support system
  • Winner Estonian enterprises
    Molcode Ltd - REACH QSAR Service as a legally compliant alternative to animal testing
  • Winner Estonian public sector
    Estonian Academy of Security Sciences – enhanced innovative interactive training service supported by a virtual environment
  • Winner Latvian enterprises
    GRANDEG SIA - Pellet- and biomass-fired heating boiler
  • Winner Latvian public sector
    State Agency of Medicines of Latvia - The Map of Latvian Pharmacies – provides diversified information that includes addresses, opening hours and available medications





Large companies category:
Digia Plc,  - Service for controlling mobile work.  Advanced electronic tools help coordinate jobs and invoicing.

Small and medium enterprises category:
Rovio Entertainment Ltd  - Developing, commercialisation and marketing of the Angry Birds game. The game has been downloaded almost 500 million times. There is a game-related movie, comic and other merchandise. Along with the game development, commercialisation and marketing have been very successful.

Micro-enterprise category:
Team Action Zone Oy - TAZ outdoor games to encourage girls, boys, women and men to exercise - Electronic tools are used for example by Flaghunt which combines the best parts of hide and seek, orienteering and mock fights.

Honourable mention:
Helena Häkkinen and Anu Miettinen, Helpline for Boys (Poikien Puhelin). - Experts offer professional help to boys for free. The ever-growing popularity is an indication of the need. The service receives annually over 100,000 calls.

Public sector and non-profit corporations category:
Health centres in Helsinki, Health Card(Terveyskortti) Helsinki - This electronic service comprises of a health card, health screening and health coaching. It helps an organisation offering health services to offer preventive and screening services in a way that supports independent health promotion for the people of Helsinki.

Potential innovations category:
Meclimb, Mec Carver - Helps to remove deadfall trees from on top of power lines at a safe distance without cutting the voltage.



Large companies category:
AFA Försäkring- proactive customer service in social media - In contrast to other insurance companies, AFA Försäkring strives to ensure that everyone entitled to compensation is aware of the matter. Modern ways to use social media are the latest tools to put this into practice.

Micro-enterprises category:
ES Equipment AB -  S-CUT Emergency Cutting Tool -  A tool to remove the clothes from an injured person in emergencies. It is quicker than scissors or a knife. Removing the clothes is often the first procedure in order to deal with injuries. The tool is also very useful in chemical accidents. It is used in ambulances, by fire departments, police (for example the FBI in the USA) and armies in several countries.

Potential innovations category:
Lidköping Hospital -  new operating room management -  By reducing the number of operating rooms and making their functions more efficient, patient safety, customer satisfaction and efficiency can be improved by approximately 20%.



Companies category:
Wihtla OÜ, ELS Excellence - real time customer satisfaction survey system for Estonian Post. An electronic tool which helps and speeds up daily surveys, getting results and taking corrective steps.

Public sector and non-profit organisations:
Estonian Tax and Customs Board - customer-specific prepayment account - An account that can be used to pay all taxes and payment with one payment. This helps save time and bank charges.

Public sector and non-profit-organisations:
Estonian Health Insurance Fund - digital prescribing of medicines in Estonia -  It is worth noting that this is not yet available in Finland.



CWP Coloured Wood Products Oy - Through colour water-soluble wood dyes

Small and Medium Sized Enterprises
Vahanen Oy - PutkiremonttiPlus Service Model

Large Companies (two winners)

 Puplic sector and non-profit organisations
National land Survey of Finland   - Paikkatietoikkuna - Finnish Geoportal - Transparent spatial map data overlays

Potential innovations
The Finnish Meteorological Institute - Electric solar wind sail  - Concept for fast and cost efficient spacve travel



Micro companies
Feanor OU - Pinetree solid carbide cutters with three cutting edges and through coolant

Small and medium-sized companies
Bio-Competence Centre of Healthy Dairy Products LLC - Lactobacillus planatrum TENSIA, usable as adjunct starter in functional food

Small and medium-sized companies Honorary mention
Competence Centre for Cancer Research Ltd - Complex service of oncogenetic consultations and testing




Large Companies
STX Finland Oy - Design and construction of the world's largest cruise ship, the Oasis of the Seas.

Proactum Oy - A new kind of business concept based on combining free source codes and tailored software.

Luontoportti Oy - The web site, which helps users to identify species of wild flora and fauna.

Public Sector and Non-Profit Organisations
City of Helsinki Youth Department - The web-based youth work service "Netari", which provides a platform for connecting with young people that is already in use in 23 Finnish municipalities.



Large Companies
Metso Corporation- The PowerDry Plus air dryer for drying coated paper and board.

Kaleva Travel Oy - A virtual work concept for the provision of high-quality customer service.

Public Sector and Non-Profit Organisations (two winners)

  • Helsinki City Library - Library 10, public premises in the city where people can meet, create cultural works of art and present them.
  • National Board of Patents and Registration of Finland - The Bylaw Template, an electronic service that represents the core of an electronic package for founding an association.




Large Companies
Outotec- An innovative new method of extracting copper from ore.

Smartum Oy - Sports vouchers.

Public Sector and Non-Profit Organisations
City of Lahti - Oral health care; Interactive time and customer relationship management in oral health care, i.e. a new way of utilising the Internet and SMS messaging to shorten queues.

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