The International Quality Award of the Year Prizes 2013 Have Been Awarded

The Quality Award of the Year Competition has been organized for the seventh time by the Finnish Quality Association and the national quality organizations of the participating countries. In addition to Finland the participating countries were Latvia, Sweden, Czech Republic, Hungary and Estonia.

The award ceremony was held on the 20th January 2014 in Stockholm. The diplomas signed by the President of the Republic of Finland Mr. Sauli Niinistö were awarded by the Speaker of the Riksdag Mr. Per Westerberg. Altogether over 20 innovations from the participating countries received the esteemed award.

The Innovation of the Innovations grand prize was awarded to Stick Tech Oy from Finland for their innovation everX Posterior, a fibre-reinforced composite designed to be used as dentine replacement. The prize for the international series of responsible innovations was awarded to the City of Espoo from Finland for their innovation Energiatietopalvelu, a browser based application for comparing types of energy for those who consider switching to renewable energy. The series of responsible innovations is sponsored by Deloitte.

The winners of the competition were chosen by a strict methodology of evaluation the innovations based on their novelty value, usability, learning customer/society orientation and effectiveness. Statements about the top innovations given by independent experts aided the esteemed jury in choosing the winners. The jury was chaired by Mr. Yrjö Neuvo, Professor, Research Director, Aalto University School of Engineering.

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Quality Innovation of the year 2013 competition winners


  1. Public sector and nonprofit organizations, Suomen metsäkeskus - The Finnish Forest Centre, Metsää
    Makes information on proprietary forests readily available on a service online.
  2. Microenterprises, Stick Tech Ltd, everX Posterior.
    Reinforcing fibre material for dental repair.
  3. SME’s, Lymed Oy, Lymed 3D Sense.
    The treatment of a sensory integration disorder in athletes and animals with the aid of medico-technical support garments.
  4. Large companies, Ponsse Plc, The Scorpion Harvester.
    A harvester with a novel structure to improve the driver's ergonomy and the machine's working efficiency.
  5. Large companies, Metsä Fibre Oy, Botnia NordicPlus.
    An innovative softwood pulp made using a polysulphide cooking process creates added value for clients.


  1. Large companies, Volvo Car Customer Service (VCCS), Volvo Car Customer Service Lean Knowledge Intensive & Staff Innovative Team Production System.
    Volvo Car Customer Service Lean Knowledge Intensive Staff Innovative Team Production System
  2. Public sector and nonprofit organizations, Barn och ungdomspsykiatrin i Uppsala, Intensive Contextual Treatment of self harming behavior.
    Barn och ungdomspsykiatrin (BUP) i Uppsala, ICT– Intensive Contextual Treatment of self harming behavior.
  3. Microenterprises, SSK i Uppsala AB, Hoppet.
    Cognitive and behavior training in real life, an evaluated treatment method  for youths with social problems.
  4. SME’s, Förskoleteamet Helianthus, Preschools on wheels.
    Preschool on wheels is a kindergarten bus with its own kitchen, toilet, same features found in a preschool.
  5. Potential Innovations, Volvo Trucks Co, Volvo Dynamic Steering.
    The Volvo Dynamic steering is a patented electronic-hydraulic truck steering system, making it possible for the driver to steer a truck more safely and without physical efforts.


  1. SME’s, Unicomp Informatikai Kft., GRAINPATROL grain probe.
    GrainPatrol provides a solution to follow the conditions of the stored grain after harvesting
  2. Microenterprises, G&G and Companions Ltd., Inspection of the elements of the prefabricated, constructional metal scaffolding system.
    Inspection of the elements of the prefabricated, constructional metal scaffolding system.


  1. SME’s, Europ Assistance s.r.o., WebInvoicing system for the Europ Assistance supplier chain in the sphere of assistance services.
    WebInvoicing essentially changed the way the electronic invoicing is communicated from suppliers towards Europ Assistance.


  1. Potential Innovations, GreenBead OÜ, Reusable laundry agent.
    GreenBead is developing the technological concept for the first reusable biological laundry agent in the world.
  2. SME’s, Icosagen OÜ, Golden Egg Technology.
    Icosagen has developed innovative methodology “Golden Egg Technology” for generation of polyclonal antibodies using domestic chicken as test-animal.


  1. Microenterprises, Z2B Ltd., Lude - design with good karma.
    In ageing society and taking into account regime change impact on pension system in Latvia, social enterprise Lude has decided to employ only senior citizens as its staff.
  2. Microenterprises, Trakais Rotors Ltd., Crazy Roller MTN and H2O.
    Innovative attraction device improved model to reduce the impact on the environment and increase users safety.
  3. Public sector and nonprofit organizations, State Limited Liability Company “Latvijas Vēstnesis”, – Latvian Legislation Portal
    Modern, user-friendly site based on simple and clear structure of the information that is providing also advanced functionality addressing needs and requirements of professional users


  1. City of Espoo, Espoo cityplanningcentre, Energy Information Service.
    A web service in which users such as a resident of Espoo, a building superintendent, a renewable energy device supplier, a property owner or a property investor may compare the costs and production possibilities between different energy forms.


  1. Microenterprises, Stick Tech Ltd, everX Posterior. 
    Reinforcing fibre material for dental repair.


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